PQQ has been dubbed an essential micronutrient, a powerful ultra-potent antioxidant and a vitamin-like compound that is an essential nutrient of the future. It plays an extremely critical role defending the body against mitochondrial decay The chemical structure of PQQ allows it to withstand oxidation exposure as much as 5,000 times that of vitamin C.

In recent years, researchers found that not only did PQQ protect existing mitochondria from oxidative damage, but it also stimulate the growth of new mitochondria.

In clininical studies, PQQ has shown a wide range of benefits to the brain and body functions. Having been studied since the 1960s, there is little doubt that PQQ plays a very important role in human nutrition.

Taking into account all of the latest research there into PQQ, there is no dount that  that it plays a critical role in human nutrition through generating new and protecting and repairing existing mitochondria, fighting free radicals and providing the body with a plethora of antioxidants.

PQQ Studies of mammals showed that when the nutrient was omitted from chemically defined diets; compromised immune status, less healthy blood, growth impairment, abnormal reproductive functions ensued.

A corollary study showed that animals with PQQ supplements had an improved immune system and less fat in their blood protecting them from heart issues.

One of the most important functions of PQQ relates to direct action on key enzymes involved with mitochondria which are the primary energy producing compartments in our cells.

The mitochondria are the part of our cells which serve as the power plant of the cells giving them energy. PQQ provides powerful antioxidant effects on our mitochondria protecting and healing them from damage which not only improves energy, but mitochondrial biogenesis (the spontaneous creation of new mitochondria) which is where the “fountain of youth” effect comes into play.

Preliminary clinical studies and clinical trials completed thus far and ones in process have shown a lot of great benefits to PQQ. Self-hacked listed 8 in particular:

  • PQQ Decreases Inflammation and Free Radicals.
  • It helps heal existing mitochondria and creates new mitochondria.
  • Gives one an improvement in memory and reasoning. PQQ reverses cognitive impairment caused by chronic oxidative stress and in animal models in labs, showed to improve performance on memory tests.
  • PQQ protects against the self-oxidation of the DJ-1 gene, an early step in the onset of Parkinson’s disease. It has shown to be a neuro-protective against Alzheimers by protecting nerve cells from the damaging effects of the beta-amyloid-protein linked with Alzheimer’s disease
  • PQQ has been show to improve brain function by increasing nerve growth factor and Schwann cells. PQQ protects brain cells against oxidative damage in models of strokes and also protects the brain from neurotoxicity induced by other powerful toxins, including mercury, glutamate, and oxidopamine (a powerdul neurotoxin which scientists use to induce Parkinsonism in animals in labs).
  • PQQ protects against the likelihood of severe stroke according to an experimental animal model for strokes.
  • Helps to lesson fatigue and improve mood and quality of sleep.
  • Decreases insulin resistance.