What is PQQ?

Pyrroloquinoline quinone is the wonderful example of a nootropic which has many benefits for the human body. However, it hasn’t really been studied as close as some of the others in this category. Some focus has been made on the surface level advantages of using it, but if you take the time to understand the way it works, you’ll uncover the complete impact Pyrroloquinoline quinone has on the human body.


Merely uttering the term pyrroloquinoline quinone is rather difficult, therefore, the majority of users like to employ an abbreviation for it, which is PQQ. It’s additionally known as methoxatin. So, exactly what is PQQ? At first PQQ was believed to be some sort of vitamin. However, after a series of researches, it was discovered that even though PQQ has a few characteristics similar to vitamins, it was actually merely a related nutrient.

PQQ is capable of acting like an enzyme booster or a kind of cofactor, during the process of REDOX or reduction oxidation. Since it is part of REDUX, it has several anti-oxidation characteristics. PQQ is most frequently found in foods like kiwi, or green peppers, as well as in parsley, however, a lot of folks include it in their daily diet via a PQQ supplement.

Maybe the top noticeable feature of PQQ is its effect on the mitochondria. The mitochondria are what deliver energy to our body’s cells via ATP as well as regulating our cell’s metabolism. Scientists have intensely studied the effect PPQ has on mitochondria, and discovered it is capable of increasing the amount of mitochondria in the body, and might even be capable of improving their effectiveness. That’s a huge reason why PPQ is so advantageous.


If your mitochondria are operating at their top abilities, it’s a good sign of you having a healthy body. That means PPQ can bring you a lot of benefits that make that possible. Here are just a few of them:


Mitochondria produces energy for your body’s cells, and when you take PQQ it aids the mitochondria in working more capably, so that results in the cells having better energy to work. Any of the extra energy that doesn’t get used by the mitochondria is sent to the rest of the body’s cells.

If you’re someone who often doesn’t have enough energy to not feel tired in the afternoons, then getting an extra energy boost via taking PQQ will be vital. A research discovered people who said they had a lack of energy had a definite increase in energy when they started using PQQ. So, if you desire more energy, then taking PQQ could be just the ticket.


Study partakers from the above study additionally said they also were sleeping better after they took PQQ for two months. Before the study started, they had reported sleep issues. PQQ appears to lower the levels of the stress hormone known as cortisol, therefore it helps improve a person’s sleep. Though the benefits of PQQ for sleep have not yet had many researches done on them, these first results appear hopeful.


Along with less stress, researchers additionally saw that participants saw their memories get better. They found that mixing PQQ with another supplement called CoQ10 helped improve memory as well as promote brain health. CoQ10 also supports the mitochondria. A lot of people seem to think you should just use one or the other, but if you don’t take them together you could be missing the chance to get some great benefits.


Besides the 3 chief benefits mentioned previously, PQQ has other, lesser known advantages. It might additionally encourage the growth of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), and that might bring additional neuron development as well as survival. It could additionally aid in improving fertility, but additional tests are required to get results that are more decisive. It’s possible they will eventually discover more benefits from using PQQ.


If you decide to start taking PQQ, it’s vital to know it doesn’t take a large dose of it to work, and usually only a small dose is suggested. Then, the majority of folks using it normally don’t have any bad side effects.

PQQ is a quite efficient nootropic most people should take. It could give you additional energy, better sleep, and improved memory plus a few other possible advantages.  That’s means PQQ has lots of good to say about it.


One more clinical study got performed on diabetic mice, which got tested to see the amount of inflammation and oxidative stress they had in comparison to other mice that weren’t diabetic. Scientists measured how much uric acid, insulin, glucose, and insulin along with the amount of triglycerides and overall cholesterol in the mice. They also checked how well the liver, kidneys and pancreas of the mice functioned. The mice had quite high amounts of oxidative stress and free radicals, but when given PQQ, their blood sugar levels decreased and so did their cholesterol levels.

A mere 15 days after the mice started taking high amounts of PQQ their diabetes went into regression.

Scientists in Japan did a random study with healthy human participants that was double-blinded, and placebo-controlled. These people began the test with high LDL cholesterol levels and moderate triglyceride levels.  Slight but noticeable lowering of LDL markers got recorded in the participants taking PQQ versus the ones taking a placebo.

The animal study results as well as the human testing showed a lot of hope that PQQ is capable of helping treat several chronic and incapacitating disorders.

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